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Over time I have built a small but very nice collection of floral pictures. I've worked with several clients that have had me print up some on metal for them, and they came out really nice.

So, why print on metal? Well, they make for a brilliant and very impressive print. Detail and resolution is phenomenal Ok, maybe I'm being dramatic...but they really do look fantastic.

You can see some customer supplied pictures of metal prints hung that they have ordered from us in the slideshow below. Also please visit our Floral Collection Page.


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"What should I photograph?" With the advancement of photographic equipment with more and more power and capabilities and lower costs, more people are getting into photography. It is a fun and rewarding pass time, whether for hobby or profession.

A common question is "What should I photograph?" When you make the effort to look at photography, you will find yourself saying "I never would have thought to take a picture of that". 

Good photographers will commonly hear "You have a good eye". For some folks it comes natural, and for others it's a struggle.

I found this interesting article , 5 Photography Ideas for When There’s Nothing Interesting to Shoot over on Digital Photo Mentor. Click the link and have a good read.

I'll tell you the first suggestion: Try a new technique. For me that new technique to try was HDR. Below is an example of an HDR picture I took while on a the 2013 Hot Rod Power Tour:


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Selfie Drones Selfie Drones are becoming of age, and there are some pretty nice options out there. Decent ones start as low as $229. Check out this 23 minute video for Drone Camps RC's view of the top 5 selfie drones.

Are you using a selfie drone? Let us know about it and how it's going for you in the comments.




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