Drones and Real Estate Photography - Key marketing option - Preparation is important for this too

March 06, 2018  •  1 Comment

Real Estate Marketing Professionals are quickly embracing the use of drones, particularly in mid to high end housing. The cost to market aerial photography has dramatically dropped. Before the advent of drones, only the most expensive homes would afford the expense of hiring helicopters for aerial photography, and even for high end homes, it was rarely used.

People looking for homes in today's world spend a great deal of their searching time on the internet. Buyers get their first impressions from the photography representing the home for sale. The cliché of 'First Impressions Matter' is appropriate for home marketing. Full service professional real estate photographers such as Shuttermaster Photography Virtual Tours can offer two critical options for real estate professionals: aerial photography and high end virtual tours.

Below is a minute and half 'practice video' that I took yesterday at the entrance to the Oakbrook Subdivision in St. Augustine. When performing real estate photography, it is important to prepare the home for the photography. This also holds true for aerial photography. If this were a video put together for property presentation, it demonstrates a lack of preparation of the property. 

See if you can spot what shows the lack of property preparation (Answer follows the video)







Did you notice it. 

I had no plans to make this video public, but then I realized it offered the opportunity for a blog post.

Ok. No more suspense: The tennis court had some plastic chairs that had been blown over. I didn't have an access key to get in and set them upright. Of course this was a practice video, so no preparation of the property or contact with managers of the property were done.

Net net of this post: Aerial photography is a key component of today's real estate marketing, and the rules of preparation for homes holds true for aerial photography as well.



Sally Raddock(non-registered)
Very nice job, Roger! You should have a prosperous business creating these for the real estate professionals in no time!
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